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Home Security Essentials

Home Security Essentials

This is the absolute best guide on keeping your home safe. Enjoy.

Protecting Everything INSIDE Your Home

A lot of security websites will make these super long articles on how to keep people out of your home. While this will all most people ever need, what about the people who actually have a burglar break in? That's where things go from scary to really scary.

So to help the people with crazy neighbors or ex-girlfriends, I have put together this blog helping you make sure that when someone DOES get in your home, they do little to no damage.

Understand Proactive Action Is Necessary

So for something like this to be effective, you have to make the proactive action. That means before something happens, you have to have something anti-burglar already in place.

This means that you should definitely start today in making that action. It is simple, and to be really honest, a lot of what I am going to tell you is already common sense.

With common sense, however, can sometimes come confusion. What seems simple for me might not be overly simple for you. You may not have the funds necessary to invest into home security equipment. It can be a large chunk of your pay check. But if you are someone living in fear and scared to fall asleep, then this will be money well spent.

Get A Big Black Box – A Small Home Safe

Investing in a small home safe can be crucial in protecting all of your valuables. It is a great investment to make simply because what is inside, stays inside. And better yet, in recent years there has been a huge movement amongst safe companies to make sure all of their safes are able to be bolted down to the floor. A huge plus for the lighter safes, nobody will be running away with it.

To get started, understand that it is really a simple purchase to make. You need to go with a reputable brand, read customer reviews and so forth. I would personally recommend that you take a look at this post from TossTheKey. They have laid out a lot of information for the everyday reader to consume. If you are still confused after reading that post, feel free to contact me. Or even send them a message.

The Walls Have Eyes – Home Security Cameras

For some people these can feel like absolute overkill. It may be true if you live in a gated community where the mean age is 65. But if you are having trouble trusting your neighbors or you think people are snooping around your house during the day, then you definitely need to take into consideration on getting a home security camera system.

There is a great post from GearPatrol right here on the best security cameras. It is crucial that you read every word thoroughly. Don’t play yourself here, you need to know what you are buying before you buy it. It’s very important.

There’s A Lot Of Power In These Two

Yes, believe it or not, you will probably be 100x more safe if you purchase these two things. Why? Because when someone breaks into your home, they won’t be able to get at your belongings because it will be in your small home safe, and every movement they make will be caught on camera. Win-win.

Now, you don’t need to get both of these immediately, but you can start saving for at least one. And if you have the money to spend now, definitely look into getting one. Right now. I’d recommend the safe, simply because then when your crazy family comes over you can toss all of the expensive stuff in there and not have to worry about it going missing.

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